Caterpillar Tales, Introductions, Little Annie and the Orphans


Little Annie was at my doorstep, trying desperately to get in. I popped Annie into a jar and went off to look for more of her kind. Its usually easy to keep caterpillars in a jar or box and feed them regularly if you know what it is that they eat, and as most caterpillars can be found pretty close to their food-source, its not hard figuring out what will be on the menu for them. Little Annie, however was nowhere near a food source (unless she was living off my doormat) and if I wanted her to survive, I had to find more of her kind, hopefully on or near something that they eat.

What I eventually found (after a very short search) was a whole bunch of cute furry caterpillars, all headed for the 'safe' sanctuary of my doormat! I whisked each one up, knowing by now, that they were probably looking for a safe, quiet place to pupate.

I put them in a box filled with mud and lots of bark (not knowing what they preferred to pupate in) and left them there. They seemed quite content because they draped themselves along the bark, looking quite comfortable, and a few hours later I found the last of the orphans busily burying itself in the mud in preparation for the BIG CHANGE.

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